How You Can Help

Everyone at the Center is a volunteer come in and stay as long as you want, or check out projects to work on at home. You can join us. Come and feel the joy of serving those less fortunate. There is so much need in our area and the Center is organized to provide for many of those needs.

Come in for a tour and see what you would like to contribute.

We are:

  • 100% volunteers
  • Community-based
  • Non-denominational
  • Not-for-profit

Who We Help

The abused mother and her children who had to leave with nothing.

The family whose house just burned down in the middle of the night.

The young couple whose baby dies at birth.

The father who lost his job, his home and his family.

The autistic child who can't sit still in class and who cannot sleep through the night.

The teenage high school student who has nothing for her new baby.

The student whose family cannot buy school supplies needed.

People under hospice care or in rehab.

Homeless people out in the cold.

How does anyone get anything from the center?

Go through an agency, a doctor or your clergy.