As a walk in Volunteer


Anyone who comes to the center may help. Volunteers have been as old as 97 and as young as three years of age. Volunteering is fun. Quilting, sewing, painting, coloring, cutting out, matching, sorting, sanding, etc. When in the service of others you are serving God and this brings joy and an inner peace.

As a Volunteer SupervisorDSC_0634

Become a person who supervises the walk in volunteers by being trained to an area and task so that you can teach others and then come every week for 5 to 16 hours a week depending on your schedule and availability to serve. It is very rewarding helping others.

As a coordinator 

DSC_0640As a coordinator you are assigned an area to run. This involves overseeing the volunteers and supervisors in an area and making decisions regarding production. Either one day a week or two days a week coming at 9 a.m. and staying to 3 p.m. and helping with groups on other occasions. This involves real commitment.

As a non-profit agency all volunteers and all staff volunteer their time. No wages are paid in this life. Your reward in Heaven will be of a much greater value to you than any Earthly possession.

Thank-you for desiring to serve.


Click on the picture below to see a video of the Mayor’s                 youth counsel serving: